Every day, we post links to stories in our News Trends & Stories section. Analyzing this flow provides intelligence about the deeper news. Here are the trends we are tracking for the 2019 Annual Wrap Up.


I. Global 2.0: Real Burn

A. Controlled Demolitions Accelerate

  • Pension Funds
  • Entitlements
  • Bankruptcies
  • Piratization and Thermal & Weather Warfare
  • Disintermediation in Retail
  • Farmageddon
  • FASAB 56—Is Asset Stripping Underway?

B. Currency, Liquidity, and Trade Wars

  • War on Cash
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Precious Metals
  • U.S.-China Trade War
  • De-dollarization: China, Russia, and the Buildout of Global Liquidity
  • Increased Sanctions, FACTA, and Alternative to SWIFT System
  • The Future of the Euro
  • Fed and ECB: Interest Rate and Bond Squeeze

C. The Debt Growth Model—Weaponized as Central Bank Dependency Increases

  • Bonds and Interest Rates
  • Equity Public and Private
  • Commodities
  • U.S. Dollar
  • U.S. Budget: Military Expense, Disaster Recovery, and Retirement
  • U.S. Debt and Interest Payments Accelerating; Housing Bubble Planned
  • Transition from Quantitative Easing
  • Demand for Capital: Treasury Markets and Corporate Maturities
  • NDI Waiver, FASAB 56, and no Mark to Market: Stock and Bond Markets Go Dark
  • Inflation and Deflation
  • Land and Real Estate Ownership
  • State and Local Finances
  • U.S. Bear Trap in Emerging Markets
  • Mortgage Fraud and "Natural Disasters"

D. Financial Controls

E. Tax Wars and Offshore Havens

F. Impact of Environmental Risks and Debasement

G. Student Loan and Consumer Debt

H. Housing Markets

II. Global 3.0 Rising

A. Reshoring to North America
B. Robotics, Drones, Genetics, and Automation
C. Explosion in Material Science
D. Surveillance Capitalism
E. Amazon, Microsoft, Israel, and the Reengineering of the U.S. Government
F. Global Purges
G. Technocracy Rising
H. Opportunity Zones
I. Will Breakthrough Energy Technologies Come Through?
J. Investment Flows into the Space-Based Economy

III. How Will Investors Handle the Transition?

A. Growth of ESG Screening
B. Technocracy: Allocation with AI, without Markets and a Real Pricing Mechanism
C. FASAB 56—The Cost of Secrecy
D. FASAB 56—Will Investors Play?

IV. Inside the Pressure Cooker: Will We Expand or Shrink the Pie?

A. Return on Investment to Taxpayers Goes More Negative?
B. Response to Missing Money: DOD Audit, FASAB Policy
C. Piratization: Will the Rape of Russia Happen Here? A Domestic Operation Gladio and Phoenix Program + AI Invasion?
D. Weather Warfare, Fires, and False Flags
E. Equity Creation: Could Breakthrough Energy Create Equity Greater than Controlled Demolitions?
F. Addictions to War, Secrecy, and Privilege
G. Global Slowdown + Peak Everything


I. U.S. Governance and Sovereignty

A. Bretton Woods System Unravels
B. State and Local Officials Take Action
C. Fed Laws Override Local: 5G, Weaponized Drug-Addicted Homeless Populations
D. Con-Con Con and Efforts to Shred the Constitution
E. Decentralization: Can We Relocalize?
F. Individual and National Sovereignty
G. Voter Fraud
H. The Cost of Secrecy
I. Dual Citizenship of Politicans/Required Pledges

II. The AI Invasion

A. Growth of AI—AI Superpowers Face off
B. Net Neutrality
C. 5G and Surveillance
D. Piratization
E. AI and the Sheriff of Nottingham
F. Weapons of Math Destruction
G. U.S.: 325 Million Targeted Individuals Divided into Two Groups
H. Free Speech and Corporate and Social Media Meltdown

III. The Trump Administration: The Third Year

A. Budget, FASAB 56 Missing Money; Debt Acceleration
B. Federal Reserve and Financial System
C. Space Force
D. Military Modernization/Defense
E. Swamp Drama and the Rise of the Bushies
F. Justice Post-Mueller: Barr Investigates Political Use of NSA and DOJ
G. Trade and Tariffs
H. The Neocon Problem
I. The Loony Progressive Problem and Modern Monetary Theory
J. The Deep State in Control
K. The 2020 Campaign
L. Push for Piratization
M. JEDI Contract
N. Trump Team Turnover
O. Social Security and Retirement
P. Global Brand Deterioration

Trump Report Card

IV. The Shift to a Multipolar World

A. The Big Picture

  • Eurasia and the Silk Road
  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the South China Sea
  • Australia's Leadership Role
  • Africa: Resource Rush
  • The War in the South China Sea
  • MAGA: Fortress America
  • Latin America and the War to Control Venezuela and Cuba
  • Vatican Struggles
  • Europe: European Elections—Will the EU Come Apart or Nationalize?
  • Global Pushback of the Working People
  • Anglo-American Alliance: How Will Brexit Happen?
  • U.S.-China Rebalance and the Trade Wars
  • Iran and the Push for War
  • India: A Hindu Nation—Targeting of Muslim Populations
  • Hot Spots

B. Global Powwows
C. Global Digital Agreements
D. Technocracy: Will Technology Continue to Centralize Control in a Multipolar World?
E. The Rise of the Asian Consumer
F. The Future of the "Midianite Thing"
G: The U.S. Future: Rape of Russia or Cultural Revolution?

V. The Deep State and National Security Public-Private Control

A. The Breakaway Civilization
B. The Big Investment Pools and Investors
C. FASAB 56: Secret Money for Secret Armies
D. The Cost of Monopoly

VI. Migration and Immigration

A. The Americas
B. Asia
C. Europe and Africa