[CAF Note: Please note that Yellowstone involves numerous violent scenes. ]

“Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now.” ~ John Dutton (Kevin Costner)

Solari Report Movie of the Year for 2019 is the riveting TV series Yellowstone, created and written by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson with excellent acting by lead Kevin Costner and an excellent cast. The second season aired in 2019, offering remarkable insights regarding the nature of American land and resource wars and the “real deal” on going local–Deep State Tactics included. The global “land rush” is on–and the more central banks print money and the higher the stock market goes (let alone the lower the energy price goes and the larger the population grows), the more violent the land rush gets. As I said in my review, the question before us in 2020 is the one posed in the second season of Yellowstone: “What are we going to do about the Beck Brothers?”

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