"In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it."
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Part I includes our stories for our first two categories: Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics.


Story #1: Currency Wars

The currency wars story—which is also about land and resource wars—will be important for years to come and is worth taking the time to understand. The key thing to focus on is that we are shifting from a unipolar to a multipolar world. As that happens, the influence of the Western-led institutions that have managed the global economy is diminishing, while the influence of the BRICS and Asian nations is rising. However, the U.S. dollar remains the world's reserve currency. How will the currency system evolve and adapt? Issues to pay attention to include movement toward regional currencies and the push for more "black box" (and inherently insecure) digital systems; emerging bottom-up initiatives to work around the dollar; the rise of Eurasia and the Silk Road land empire; the militarization of space (intimately connected with protecting the Silk Road); the potential emergence of an open-physics energy model; the ongoing deflationary-inflationary squeeze; and the breakdown of the rule of law. We appear to be in a fluid period of watching numerous new mechanisms and payment systems get built, but we lack a clear vision of what will emerge that is trusted other than through excessive force—or how to manage the risks of the transition.


All Factions Push for Digital

Predictions of Dollar Decline and Collapse

Financial Sanctions Inspire De-dollarization

The Dollar Deepens in the Americas

The Financial Bazooka

Reengineering of the Plunge Protection Team

The Petrodollar Standard and the Changing Energy Model

Solar Plants in the Orbital Platform

Asia Rises

Hong Kong

The War for the South China Sea, Taiwan

One Belt, One Road – Silk Road

BRICS and Silk Road Central Banks Build Gold Reserves

Whither the Euro?

European Bank Problems

Brexit: The City of London and the Offshore Havens Break Free

Military and Space: Digital Currency Is the Killer App


Central Banks Buy Gold and the Mother of All Collateral Fraud

Trust Is the 800lb Gorilla

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Story #2: FASAB 56—Secret Money for Secret Armies and Secret Operations with Secret Technology and Secret Weapons

The military-industrial complex and the deep state are wasting no time in reengineering their operations, including getting rid of now-extraneous individuals who helped engineer the coup. Is the impeachment mess a distraction while more assets move out the back door? It was President Truman who first put the intelligence community into the banking business, but now—following the financial coup and FASAB 56—the deep state has access to an infinite amount of entirely off-the-books money. This makes possible a massive scale-up of covert and mercenary military operations. In this current iteration of the East India Company model, it looks like private jurisdictions and private militaries may have the most advanced technologies of the day at their disposal—and gun control, if successful, will further smooth the way for county-by-county harvesting and disaster capitalism. If military, intelligence, and enforcement functions are sufficiently privatized, this will likely be reflected in the evolution of currencies and their governance.


FASAB 56 and Financial Coup

—The Epstein Saga

—The Clinton Foundation Saga

—Consolidation of Financial Coup

U.S. Securities Markets Go Dark

The United States of Harvard & Yale

Tearing Up the Peace of Westphalia

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Story #3: Planet Equity and the Big Bad Bond Mess

Along with the dramatic bubbling of the U.S. and global stock markets, we are seeing increased efforts to securitize land and real estate stocks. The global stock markets are up as high as $90 trillion, yet a World Bank study shows that global debt is spinning out of control. The credit quality in the bond market is debasing, yet $17 trillion is pricing at negative yields. If leaders continue to ignore the rule of law, the Treaty of Westphalia, and the Nuremberg Code, what will be the value of a sovereign bond? If the Mexican drug cartels maintain control of sections of Mexico, what is the value of a Mexican sovereign bond?

While fundamental financial disclosure disappears, the same corporations that used criminal and unethical means to create tech and investment monopolies and consolidate wealth are now using climate change disclosure to further consolidate their monopolies under the pretense of a fashionable purpose. Domestically, many are playing along with this charade: In 2019, JUST Capital rated JP Morgan Chase as one of the most "just" banks in the U.S. banking industry—despite JP Morgan having paid out $42 billion in regulatory and litigation settlements for illegal or unethical business dealings since 2002. On the other hand, global rejection of the unipolar model—and rejection of the model's profound disconnection from reality and productivity—is growing stronger. This has profound implications for credit qualities across the government and corporate sectors.


Stock Market Hits New Highs

ESG Whiteout

Tearing Up Westphalia: What Does It Mean to a Sovereign Bond Credit If a Government Does not Have Information, Financial, or Physical Sovereignty?

Negative Interest Rates

Central Banks Flail Around

U.S. and Global Debt Spiral

The U.S. Monopoly Problem

Plans for a New U.S. Housing Bubble

ESG and the Climate Change Op Stalk Retail Investment

Growing Corporate Bond Risk in 2020

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Story #4: Slowbalization

Several factors are weighing down the global economy and contributing to slowbalization, including the breakdown of trust, the weaponization of the dollar, and the rebalancing of the U.S.-China relationship. The economic and national security implications of the U.S.-China realignment are profound—and the race to dominate high-tech AI, weaponry, and telecommunications and digital systems is likely to be win-lose.

In addition, efforts to control food systems are significant. In Europe, farmers are fighting back, protesting bureaucratic climate change rules in creative and inspiring ways; they know that if the body politic wipes them out, people will lack for proper nutrition—or even starve. In the U.S., small farmers are not as aware or organized, probably because they have been the target of greater weather and covert warfare. If you want to see some of the official paper trail on weather warfare, check out Dr. Mark Skidmore's published "primer on weather and climate intervention for economists," available on the Solari website.


Global Recession Looms

U.S. Bear Trap

Inflation of Food and Household Goods


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Story #5: Trade Wars

The U.S. trade wars are not just with China; at this point, they are also with the European Union and just about everyone else. Consider how the U.S. got General Motors to be number-one again—by having the Department of Justice go after Toyota and Volkswagen. If you are a multinational company competing in the U.S. market for sales against people who use entrainment and a variety of other dirty tricks, at what point does it become impossible to do business in the U.S.?


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Story #6: The Databeast Deepens Controls Across the Globe

Watching developments in robotics—with robotic soldiers, robotic dogs, and insect drones already prototyped—suggests that autonomous weapons could be just around the corner. It is unlikely that these technologies are solely in the hands of governments—corporations, mercenaries, and other non-state actors can easily develop and deploy them, too. However, the more that countries (or other entities) rely on these sophisticated technological gadgets, the more vulnerable they will be to hacking and other forms of disruption. An inspiring example is the young people who have been disabling facial recognition in Hong Kong.

"Slow kill" tactics are a major cause for concern. U.S. life expectancy is falling, and many factors are contributing, probably synergistically—GMO and fake foods, opioids, vaccines, 5G, and more. It is important to take whatever steps you can to protect yourself from these risks—many of which are new and more or less invisible.



Opportunity Zones


Social Credit, Facial Recognition, and Digital ID

Drones, Dog Soldiers, and Robotics

The Military Investment Grows

Slow Kills

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Story #7: The Silk Road: Europe, the Rise of Asia, the War for Eurasia, and the South China Sea

The Silk Road is a geopolitical game changer, promising to dramatically lower the costs and time needed to link Asia's manufacturing juggernaut with the EU's 750 million consumers—without any need for the U.S. When it comes to interdicting Silk Road trade, U.S. sea lane supremacy and naval power are irrelevant, which is probably why there is so much jockeying for control of air and space. (However, it is important to note that China's and Russia's combined navies now have more ships than the U.S. Navy.) Many players—China, Japan, Europe, Russia, and India—are now major space powers. Russia's turn toward Japan is also noteworthy, because both countries possess technological infrastructure that is not beholden to the U.S. For Russia to proceed with development of Siberia while counterbalancing Chinese financial influence, it needs to have financial and technological help from somewhere—and that "somewhere" appears to be Japan.


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Story #8: Political Furballs and the Territorial Ambitions of a Multipolar World

The lack of information technology (IT) integrity is a major "furball" that, at some point, is likely to come to a head. Netanyahu has spearheaded the effort to get as much of the cyber world as possible to run through Tel Aviv, and I believe that the Israelis have also been successful at using online systems to entrain, entrap, and compromise people. Consider the 98% of American men who now report watching Internet pornography (call it the low-cost, online equivalent of the Epstein control file strategy). Israel also likely has a hand in the impeachment mess. On the surface, the impeachment may look like a partisan squabble, but with an ascendant Jared Kushner and both sides replete with legislators who hold dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship, it looks like the squeeze is on to get control of Silk Road equity and green-light further Israeli violence against the Palestinians. And what are we to make of India's targeting of the Muslim population in Kashmir not long after Netanyahu paid Modi a visit?

The unusual fire patterns around the world also tell a disturbing story of an accelerated land rush, some of which is likely propelled by covert operations and weather warfare. In both Australia and California, some of the fires have occurred along planned high-speed rail lines—what a coincidence. After high-speed rail builds out across Eurasia, will the next step be a tunnel underneath the Bering Strait and a rail line all the way down to Los Angeles?



Israel and Cybersecurity

U.S. Gives Green Light for Israel in Occupied Territory

Modi Targets Kashmir and Muslims

China and Taiwan

Fires: Australia, California, Portugal

The DC Impeachment

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Story #9: The Climate Change Op

One of the most interesting stories of the year was the Obamas' purchase of a $15 million mansion on Martha's Vineyard—an oceanfront property that the Obama Administration's own climate change model indicated would soon be under water. This purchase communicated two things: first, that the Obamas don't believe the climate change story or Obama's climate change model, and second, that the Obamas are confident that the public will continue to fall for the climate change narrative anyway. When we let ourselves be distracted by and waste resources on the pretend climate change op, we fail to address real problems and geophysical risks like F-35s, nuclear and upper atmosphere testing, CERN, global spraying, HAARP, pesticides, and EMF radiation (see my article, "An Intelligent Conversation about the Environment"). Meanwhile, entrepreneurs from outside the Western world are not wasting a minute on any of this stuff—they are focusing on their families and building family wealth.


The Deregulation Excuse: No Financial Disclosure, No Financial Rules

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Story #10: The Future of the Rule of Law: Shredding the Treaty of Westphalia, the Nuremberg Code, and the Constitution—What's the Plan?

In the U.S., the two fundamental components of the post-WWII Nuremberg Code—"informed" and "consent"—are being ignored at every turn. On the vaccine front, Americans are witnessing the proliferation of vaccine mandates, the disbarment of Alan Phillips (a leading attorney on vaccine exemptions who deserves Solari subscribers' ongoing support), and—courtesy of the Gates Foundation—the development of invisible tattoos to brand children with their vaccination status. On the food front, we have the proliferation of "biowarfare burgers," said by one credible author to contain 18 million times more estrogen than an ordinary hamburger—just call it hormone replacement therapy (without knowledge or consent). And on the constitutional front, a California Democrat openly stated that the U.S. government can defeat gun rights activists because "the government has nukes." All of this signals a transition into a period where far more Americans will have to grapple with the reality of physical violence. This is why Yellowstone is Solari's 2019 Movie of the Year. Physical war will come down to one's county and sheriff—so it is time to get local. It is also time to "out" people who subvert the rule of law, including the many dual citizens in government who have no allegiance to America—but no doubt enjoy the perks and kickbacks of "the swamp."




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